Joe Anderson - Owner

Joe Anderson - Owner


At Home Watch of Punta Gorda our mission is to give absentee homeowners peace of mind through regular, visual inspections of their property as well as added services as the client requests. We perform a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of your home looking for problems or issues such as water leaks or penetration, mold, temperature, humidity, electrical system, pest infestation, vandalism and more. For our complete checklist, view the Services section.

Home Watch of Punta Gorda is owned and operated by Joe and Paula Anderson. 

Joe retired as the corporate Business Development and Customer Service Manager at a large family-owned logistics company. He was also licensed as a real estate broker, managing the buying, selling and leasing of industrial properties. He, with his wife Paula, designed and contracted for the construction of several homes in Central Illinois. Paula is a real estate agent in Punta Gorda. She has been listing and selling homes for over 30 years.  

Joe is also a Viet Nam-era United States Air Force veteran. He was trained as a maintenance specialist on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, located in underground missile silos in the U.S.  

Their combined experience with homes, maintenance and customer service assures that our clients will receive professional home watch services.

Joe will perform the inspections and provide a report, along with photos of any problems or issues discovered. The client can choose either weekly or bi-weekly inspections. The report will then be emailed to you. If any serious issues are found, we will immediately attempt to contact the client by phone. Our regular inspections and communication give absentee homeowners peace of mind.