Types of Home Watch Services


  • Perform a visual inspection of the home’s exterior for damage or maintenance issues

  • Check all doors, windows and lanai screens for signs of break-ins, vandalism or damage

  • Inspect yard for trash and debris

  • Verify condition of lawn and landscaping to ensure routine maintenance has been performed by service providers

  • Inspect dock area for vandalism or weather-related damage

  • Check for water leaks from exterior sources and inspect for visual signs of mold or mildew

  • Remove and dispose of junk mail, flyers and solicitations

  • Visual inspection of pool to ensure routine maintenance has been performed by service provider 

  • Inspect pool for obvious water leaks and signs of mold

It gave us such peace of mind to know that Joe was checking on our condo when we were not there. I would highly recommend him - he’s the best!!
— Jim and Connie Barr


  • Check temperature and humidity settings on thermostat

  • Inspect for obvious pest infestation

  • Inspect for water leaks throughout the home, including kitchen, bathrooms, water heater and air conditioning
    drip pan

  • Inspect ceilings, walls and floors for obvious mold 

  • Check security on doors and windows

  • Open electrical panel to check for tripped breakers

  • Check smoke alarms to verify proper operation

  • Check refrigerator/freezer for proper operation if turned on or mildew accumulation if turned off

  • Visual inspection of garage for water leaks, damage, mold, or pest intrusion


  • Meet and provide access to service or repair providers and lock home after service completed

  • Forward mail if requested

  • Package delivery or pick up and place inside the home

  • Respond to security alarm; meet first responders at property and provide access to home if needed.